Addictive Disease Services

Substance Abuse Needs Assessments

Other community agencies often require individuals to have a Substance Abuse Needs Assessment performed. Advantage can complete the assessments as a basis for a treatment referral. The Substance Abuse Needs Assessment addresses life stressors, attitude, emotional stability and alcohol/drug use.  Upon completion of the assessment, you are provided with a treatment recommendation based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Level of Care.

There is an $85 fee that must be paid in cash prior to taking the assessment. If an outside agency is covering the cost of the assessment, we must have written confirmation of this before the assessment can be completed.

Addictive Disease/Substance Abuse Treatment

If you or someone you know needs treatment for a substance-related disorder, the first service scheduled is an Intake Assessment.  This assessment helps us determine what the appropriate service is based on your needs. Ongoing Addictive Disease Services include:

Mandated Group

This group meets weekly and may be mandated by local agencies such as Probation, Parole, Department of Family and Children Services or for those clients who are mandated under the Georgia House Bill 681, Risk Reduction for DUI.

Intensive Treatment Program (ITP)

Men and women are affected by addiction differently, tend to use drugs and alcohol for different reasons, and approach/participate in treatment differently. Here at Advantage we offer gender-specific treatment in our Intensive Treatment Program. This allows us to provide a safe setting for each gender, encouraging and supporting open/honest participation and the opportunity to meet each client’s unique needs.

ITP is a time-limited treatment service for adults who require structure and support to achieve and sustain recovery from substance related disorders. Services are offered 5 hours a day, five days a week—Monday-Friday from 8:30am-3:00pm and typically lasts 45 days, but the total length of treatment is dependent upon individual progress.  The primary modality utilized is Group Counseling and Education but also included, based on individual need and preference, are Individual Counseling and Support, Educational Activities and an introduction to 12-step Process.

ITP Residential Component — Often individuals seeking services for substance-related disorders are not living in an environment that supports recovery. Advantage offers an Addictions Residential Program where you may be more successful in entering recovery while living in a 24/7 supervised setting.   This program provides you the opportunity to engage in community activities and recreational activities in a sober manner and learn skills to regularly engage in such activities.

Peer Recovery

The Mission Statement of the PEER Recovery Program is to Promote long-term recovery by Empowering peers to live independently without the use of mood-altering substances, Educating peers to utilize effective life skills, and Reconnecting peers with society, family and themselves. Groups offered include daily check-in, self-reflection, and open sharing about what’s working in solution-focused discussions on current challenges facing peers. Evidence-based educational groups are also a part of the weekly curriculum, providing life skills training to support long-term recovery from both addiction and mental health issues. Education topics include Wellness Recovery Action Plan (W.R.A.P.) for Addiction, D.B.T, Stress Management, Co-Occurring Disorders, Whole Health Wellness, and Relapse Prevention. Outside activities include attending Recovery Day at the Capitol in Atlanta, and local events such as Awaken Athens and the Recovery Day Celebration provide volunteer opportunities for the peers to be of service to their community.

The PEER Recovery Program strives to enhance existing services by offering peers the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive with others who are actively seeking to build healthy lives free from active addiction. Part of the recovery plan also includes building working relationships with community partners and creating strong support networks. Organizations such as PLR, Athens Emergency Food Bank and Mercy Clinic, as well as linkage to 12-Step recovery support groups, serve as additional community resources which educate and facilitate recovery in different areas.  Focusing on individual strengths and dreams, the PEER Recovery Program and staff meet peers where they are in their journey toward recovery and coach peers in taking steps toward achieving their life goals. 

Women’s Services Program

Advantage’s Women’s Services program provides residential treatment to pregnant women or women with children who have a substance-related disorder. If your children are in your custody and under the age of 12, they can live with you onsite while you’re participating in treatment. Our goal is to help you identify and reach recovery goals, learn the skills you need to effectively parent your children, meet the goals/objectives of your Department of Family and Children services case plan, find housing, and find employment so that you can support your family.