Criminal Justice / Court Services

Treatment Courts

Sometimes people with a serious mental illness or addictive disease make decisions that cause them to become involved with the court system. Even if you’ve made serious mistakes resulting in legal charges, we believe that the accountability of the Court in combination with our treatment can help you avoid future Court involvement.  Accountability Court Programs involve close working partnerships between the Court, Probation, the District Attorney’s and Public Defender’s offices, and treatment providers.  Everyone on the team wants you to recover so that you can avoid having future legal issues. Accountability Courts can often save thousands of taxpayer dollars while at the same time allowing you to get the help you really need. These programs follow Advantage’s “no wrong door” philosophy by offering the courtroom as an entry to services. Our Accountability Court Programs involve intensive treatment, case management, and community supervision. If you choose to participate, you are held accountable for your behaviors in immediate, practical, and supportive ways.

Mental Health Courts
Mental Health Courts work to offer people with mental illness an alternative to the traditional court system, jail, fines and probation.  Mental Health Court Programs are approximately 18 to 24 months in duration and require treatment, random drug tests, and community supervision. You will have frequent contact with the Court who holds you accountable for participating in and following treatment recommendations as well as continuing to follow the law.

Drug Courts
These courts programs work with non-violent individuals who have an addictive disease/substance abuse disorder. These programs offer intensive treatment and case management. They also require attendance at 12 step meetings, frequent random drug tests, and close community supervision.

Family Dependency Treatment Court
This court focuses on cases of child abuse and neglect that involve a parent with an Addictive Disease/substance abuse disorder. The purpose of the Family Dependency Treatment Court is to protect the safety and welfare of children while giving you as the parent the treatment, tools, and support you need in order to become sober and responsible caregivers.


We are currently partnered with the following Accountability Court Programs:

  • Clarke County Mental Health Court
  • Clarke County Family Treatment Court
  • Barrow County Mental Health Court
  • Jackson County Mental Health Court
  • Jackson County Drug Court
  • Elbert County Drug Court
  • Walton Mental Health Court
  • Morgan-Greene Drug Court
  • Morgan-Greene Mental Health Court

Note: Participants enter Treatment Courts by a referral to the Treatment Court. If interested, and charged in one of the Counties listed above, please speak to your attorney about a referral.

Criminal Justice Services

Re-Entry Partnership Housing (RPH) Program with Georgia State Board of Pardons and Parole
Re-Entry Partnership Housing (RPH) is a partnership between Advantage and the State Board of Pardons and Paroles to provide housing and treatment to individuals with mental illness returning to the community after incarceration. Participants are identified pre-release so that housing and services are available immediately and eligible benefits are started within 120 days of release. Referrals to the program are made through the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles.

The Athens Clarke County Police Partnership
Occasionally ACC Police are called to respond to situations in the community that involve mental illness or addiction. In these cases, an Advantage staff person will accompany officers to provide timely assessment of the person’s need on site and link to services, when needed.

Federal Probation Contract
Advantage is a provider for clients on federal probation who continue to experience issues related to alcohol or drug use. Advantage works closely with the Federal Probation Officers providing intake/assessment and weekly educational substance abuse group services. If the assessment indicates that additional services are needed, we will make the referral and communicate that to the probation officer.

The Athens Day Reporting Center (DRC) is a program through the Georgia Department of Corrections that offers alternatives to incarceration for felony probationers sentenced to the DRC for a) violating their probation or b) as a condition of a new sentence.  Day Reporting Centers provide intensive substance abuse treatment for up to 100 offenders sentenced by the Courts who have not responded to more traditional supervision and treatment efforts. The goal of the DRC is to provide the tools participants need to stop the cycle of arrest and re-incarceration.  Advantage has partnered with the DRC to offer treatment to DRC participants who are struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.  Advantage has staff stationed at the DRC to provide assessment, therapy, crisis intervention, and community support services.