Developmental Disabilities

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Developmental Disability Services at Advantage Behavioral Health

We are a community-based service provider of learning opportunities for individuals living with Developmental Disabilities. Because every person is unique, we provide person-centered services which allow individuals a choice of daily activities, context, and client support workers in order that self-determination is the hallmark of service delivery. Driven by a respect for the individuals’ desires for a meaningful life, we “meet” each client where he/she is on the independence continuum, provide them with learning opportunities tailored to their interests to establish/sustain/extend independent functioning in the community to the extent possible via the following services:

Pre-vocational:  Aimed at developing work readiness at whatever level matches the individual’s capabilities, we teach promptness, social skills, communication skills, and other work-related skills.

Supported Employment:  Once engaged in “work," clients are provided the level of support needed to ensure successful outcomes on the job. For some this may look like checking in with their supervisor intermittently throughout the month; but, for others, needed support may be hand-over-hand assistance throughout the time the client is in the workplace.

Community Residential Alternatives:  We provide residential placement and service for clients whose support needs require 24/7 supervision and watchful oversight.

Community Access:  We provide both one-on-one and group opportunities for clients to identify, use, extend, and sustain resources, connections, and relationships in the community which are naturally occurring, based on clients’ facilitated community engagement and integration.

Community Living Skills:  While clients reside in their own or their parents’/families’ homes, we provide skill building opportunities via modeling, repetition, practice opportunities, or other teaching methods to ensure that individuals’ basic and higher-level needs are met. Toward that end, hygiene, grooming, cooking, cleaning, clothing care, orientation and mobility, communication, and social skill-building are addressed, as needed and appropriate.

Family Support:  Funded with state dollars, we provide specialized medical equipment and supplies, environmental modifications for client access, and assistive technology through our Family Support Services. 

We have seven service centers in Barrow, Clarke, Elbert, Greene, Jackson, Madison, and Walton Counties, and these centers provide services to residents in Oconee, Oglethorpe (Clarke), and Morgan (Walton) Counties. Listed below is the contact information for each site. If you are interested in learning more about services offered at each site, please call the number listed or click on the contact person's name to send an email.

Advantage Behavioral Health Developmental Disability Locations

IDD (Clarke, Oconee, and Oglethorpe Counties)
126 Barrington Drive, Athens, GA 30605
Phone # 706-389-6790
Fax # 706-850-7711

Quality Community Services (Elbert County Service Center)
50 Chestnut Street, Elberton, GA  30635
Phone # 706-213-2151

Jackson Creative Community Resource Center
(Jackson County Service Center)

106 Industrial Parkway, Commerce, GA  30529
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 316, Commerce, GA 30520
Phone # 706-335-5379

Fine Finish (Madison County Service Center)
44 Spring Lake Drive, Danielsville, GA  30633
Phone # 706-795-2141

Unlimited Services (Walton-Morgan Counties Service Center)
226 Leroy Anderson Road, Monroe, GA  30655
Phone # 770-267-8391