Group Therapy

We offer school-based and after-school groups tailored to your child’s needs. Group therapy is an effective intervention, particularly when your child would benefit from learning how to develop peer relationships and interact with peers appropriately in a structured setting. Your child will learn to discuss feelings and ideas openly, with therapist guidance to prevent teasing or ridicule. Group therapy helps children to understand their concerns are not unique to them, getting support and encouragement in their recovery. Group therapy gives children the chance to receive and give support and ideas with others.

We design groups to have a specific focus, such as impulsivity, anger management, or depression. We also make them appropriate developmentally, as the relationships and skills a 6-year old needs should be presented and used very differently from that of a 16-year old! Therefore, the groups we offer are always changing. Please contact us to learn what we have currently available, and to let us know your interest.