How Can I Join Remix?

Steps to Join the Remix Clubhouse

  1. Contact us by email at or by phone (706) 689-6789 Ext. 1515. If you currently have a referral form please complete and send to the email address listed above.
  2. Upon receipt of referral, Clubhouse Program Manager will call family/legal guardian to educate about the services provided by Remix.  Additionally, family will be notified of the requirements to become a clubhouse member.
  3. If family if interested in proceeding with services, an appointment will be scheduled for a Behavioral Health Assessment Intake for non-Advantage youth or a Remix Clubhouse interview for current Advantage youth.
  4. If applicant meets eligibility requirements, Clubhouse intake will be conducted and next steps will be discussed.
  5. If applicant does not meet eligibility requirements but would like to continue services, family will be referred to Advantage Outpatient program to continue counseling services.