Medical Records

Medical Records

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) ensures that all medical records are deemed private and that an individual may obtain copies of their own medical records upon completion of a written consent form also known as the Authorization to Release Information Form.

Authorization to Release Information Form

You may obtain and complete an ‘Authorization to Release’ form at any Advantage site, or you may download and print Advantage’s HIPAA-compliant ‘Authorization to Release’ form here:  Authorization to Release Form (500.105 Rev 2021 03-31)

*Any HIPAA-compliant form is acceptable, if fully completed with all required entries.

To have a copy of your medical records sent to Advantage Behavioral Health from another facility, please contact that provider directly.

Submission of Request

Each request for medical records must be accompanied by a fully-completed, HIPAA compliant ‘Authorization to Release Information’ form.  The completed form may be submitted directly to any Advantage Behavioral Health site, faxed to Advantage FAX # 706-389-6775, or be submitted—as a .PDF attachment—via email to:

The Authorization may also be submitted by mail to the Advantage Medical Record office:

Medical Records

Advantage Behavioral Health

250 Bray Street

Athens, GA  30601



Advantage Behavioral Health [Advantage] has partnered with ScanSTAT Technologies for production of medical record documents.  There are no fees associated with requests for information to be sent directly to another medical provider outside of Advantage Behavioral Health.  There may be fees associated with production requests to an individual or entity that is not a medical provider. 

If there is a fee for the production, ScanSTAT will include an invoice summarizing the charges.  Payment can be made to ScanSTAT online: ; via telephone by calling:  (866) 442-9026; or by check mailed to the ScanSTAT address listed on the invoice.  Accepted forms of payment are check or credit card.  Cash payments are not accepted.  All fees are in accordance with Georgia statutes and federal law.

*Please note:  If you (an Advantage client) wish to obtain extensive records for legal and/or disability purposes, please have your legal representative and/or the Social Security Administration request your medical records. This will relieve you (the client) and your attorney of duplicate processing fees.



ScanSTAT Technologies reserves the right to charge for production of medical records in accordance with Georgia Statute.  ScanSTAT production invoices accompany medical record releases to third-parties, and all invoices are payable directly to ScanSTAT.  Fees for production apply to medical records produced in response to requests from third-parties.   

Delivery of Records

ScanSTAT Technologies delivers authorized documentation (along with the ScanSTAT invoice, if applicable) via standard mail delivery, or via FAX upon completion.  Please allow up to 30 days for processing.

For urgent requests of medical records, please submit your fully-completed ‘Authorization to Release’ form—as a .PDF attachment—along with your request to the Advantage medical record email address:


Questions Regarding Delivery

If you have submitted an ‘Authorization for Release of Information’ form for Advantage Behavioral Health medical records, you may contact ScanSTAT Technologies directly regarding production of the documents.  Please call ScanSTAT Customer Service at:  1-866-442-9026. 

You may also email ScanSTAT regarding completion and delivery of your record request at: