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Changes in Leadership at Advantage

With many opportunities coming at both the state and federal level, Advantage announces a recent restructuring of staff to provide more support across the 10-county area they serve. Moves include Laurie Wilburn Bailey, who formerly served as Clinical Director, Joan Quinn, who transitions from Manager of the Children and Adolescent Program, and Alissa Darnell, who joined the Advantage ranks last quarter.

“We are putting structures in place to become more than just a state safety net agency,” says Oliver (O. J.) Booker, Chief Executive Officer. “We must both diversify and expand our programs and services to improve our revenue stream, and strengthen supports to our current staff at all levels in our clinics and surrounding communities.”

With the coming of their new Pavilion for Behavioral Health (BHCC) by year-end, efforts are strong within Advantage to identify programs that can be refined prior to the move. Advantage will be centralizing Clarke County services to one location later this year, and the timing to begin reorganizing work flow could not be better. “I am very excited with the changes we have made,” says Booker, “This is a super opportunity and we are building on our strengths with our truly dynamic management team.”



10 Locations

Our services cover the 10 county region of Northeast Georgia. We operate 6 behavioral health outpatient clinics and 7 clinical sites for individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities.