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Advantage Behavioral Health Systems’ opioid treatment team, PROUD, is a system of care that links each individual to the appropriate treatment and recovery supports. Whether a person needs detox and stabilization, residential treatment, out-patient educational groups, individual counseling, or a combination of services, PROUD can help.

Recovery is a deeply personal journey. PROUD provides direct support for people seeking connection, stability and recovery. All PROUD staff are Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialists (CARES). Trained as recovery coaches, CARES support many pathways to recovery and advocate for individuals seeking wellness. The PROUD Team understands how active addiction destroys lives and relationships, but, more importantly, each team member knows first-hand how sustained recovery can restore hope for the future.

PROUD Team Members work to engage a person with opioid use disorder in various treatment and recovery services, over a longer period of time through the following:

  • a person-centered approach
  • family support
  • peer groups
  • individual check-ins
  • connection and recovery

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is available through PROUD at no cost to individuals with opioid addiction who meet criteria. Though MAT is not right for everyone, PROUD will help determine the best treatment options for each individual.

PROUD Team members help each individual identify recovery-oriented goals and connects people to the needed resources.

What is Your Goal?

  • Is your goal to recover?
  • Is your goal to return to school?
  • Is your goal to get a job?
  • Is your goal to get your kids back?
  • Is your goal to have a safe place to live?
  • Is your goal to take care of your health?
  • Is your goal to complete treatment?
  • Is your goal to become a certified peer and get a job helping other people find recovery?


“My family was angry and did not understand me. I did not understand why I kept getting into trouble. I could not stop the cycle — over and over again. I was about to lose my apartment, my kids were going to be taken away. I had no hope. Then, I met the PROUD Team at Advantage. They believed I could do this. They have walked beside me every step of the way without judgment. They never gave up on me.”

— N.D., PROUD Participant