Who Can Join Remix?

Join the Clubhouse

Remix Clubhouse is open to all members of Advantage Behavioral Health Systems ages 8-21. In order to be considered for the program, members must have a mental health diagnosis and a therapist must designate that mental health treatment goals can be met using a clubhouse treatment model. Clubhouse members and family must be able to demonstrate that they can fully participate in Remix activities including but not limited to individual and family counseling, family night activities, treatment team meetings, etc.  

Any youth member of Advantage Behavioral Health Systems can be considered for clubhouse services within our ten county area. However, transportation can only be provided for the following Clarke County Schools:

  • Gaines Elementary
  • Barnett Shoals Elementary
  • Barrow Elementary
  • Cleveland Road Elementary
  • Clarke Middle
  • MiddleHilsman
  • Burney-Harris-Lyons  Middle
  • Clarke Central
  • Cedar Shoals

Parents will be responsible for transportation to and from clubhouse if member does not attend the above mentioned schools.